Mustang Convertible 2005 Thru 2014, Love the Drive Wind Deflector Wind Deflectors Are Known As a Mustang: Wind Screen, Windscreen, Windstop, Wind Blocker, and Wind Jammer

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Mustang Convertible 2005 Thru 2014, Love the Drive Wind Deflector Wind Deflectors Are Known As a Mustang: Wind Screen, Windscreen, Windstop, Wind Blocker, and Wind Jammer
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Product Description

Love The Drive™ has a simple goal to help you enjoy your convertible even more. Love The Drive™ has designed, developed and built a new custom accessory designed specifically for your convertible and proven to decrease the back draft in convertibles by up to 75%.

What is a Wind Deflector, Windscreen, Wind Blocker, Windstop? A wind deflector is an auto accessory that reduces the wind buffeting inside a convertible car when the top is down. Wind deflectors have proven to dramatically decrease the "blow back" effect, wind buffeting and turbulence, inside the cabin. Thereby allowing convertible owners to enjoy their convertibles more.

Extend your top down driving season!
- Drive with the top down earlier in the spring
- Drive with the top down later in the fall
- And drive more comfortably year round

Love The Drive™ is located in the Pacific Northwest. There are many sunny days where it would be nice to put the top down, but it is just too cold. With a Love The Drive™ wind deflector installed and with the heater on, we can drive 30 to 50 more days a year with the top down, even when the temperature is in the 40's.

The Love The Drive™ wind deflector also provides a similar benefit on hot days, with the wind deflector up and the air conditioning on it creates a very comfortable environment. Without the wind deflector you might have to put up the top just to keep cool.

Also, with the Love The Drive™ wind deflector, the wind noise is reduced, allowing you to enjoy listening to music or talking to friends, even at highway speeds. Have a look at our installation guide so you can see how easy it is to install a Love the Drive™ wind deflector in your convertible.

Love The Drive™ wind deflector warranty. The wind deflector comes with a one-year warranty against defects.

FREE Storage Bag Included.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #9676 in Automotive
  • Brand: Love The Drive
  • Model: 2005 to 2013
  • Dimensions: 5.00 pounds


  • The Love The Drive™ wind deflector extends your top down driving season. You can start driving earlier in the spring, drive later into the fall and keep your convertible nice and cool even on the hottest days.
  • The wind deflector dramatically decreases the amount of wind through the cabin. Wind back draft is reduced by up to 75%, which nearly eliminates wind buffeting and turbulence in the interior of the car. With a Love The Drive™ wind deflector it will keep the wind down and you looking great.
  • European engineering and styling, enhances the visual profile of your convertible
  • The wind deflector arrives fully assembled and can be installed in minutes. Most models require no tools, others only a screwdriver or small wrench and will take only a few minutes to install. No permanent modifications or drilling are required to your car.
  • Free storage bag

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Tame the Wind with Love the Drive Wind Deflector
By K. Fricke
This product has really turned our 2012 Mustang GT into a true Grand Touring machine with the top down. Wind buffeting inside is reduced to near zero up to about 70 mph and pesky crosswinds are easily defeated by raising the windows. And the product looks good on the vehicle after installation.

The back seat is unusable for passengers with the wind screen installed but the back seat becomes a great storage area that is mostly concealed from outside the vehicle and is accessible from the front seats. The screen is secured by "quick disconnect" devices and can be easily removed in a couple of minutes for storage in the trunk. Initial installation is easy and takes only 5 or ten minutes by a single person (the installation instructions suggest using a second person which is really not neccessary). Rear visibility is still good through the mesh of the screen and the screen easily folds down for top up use.

Shipment of the product from "Love the Ride" was prompt and arrived earlier than promised. The product is well made and attractive however it was packaged with screws that were too large for final assembly. This was not a major problem for me as my workshop contains lots of hardware and fasteners and I was able to put it together in about ten minutes after locating some appropriate screws. The folks at Love the Ride were really responsive about the screws and sent out replacements promptly. A response to my email came within ten minutes.

My wife and I both consider the purchase price of this product to be well worth while. It has made a huge difference in the comfort of our convertible at higher speeds and we can actually really enjoy it with the top down on freeways. Let's face it - we don't buy convertibles to drive around with the top up.

Five stars to "Love the Ride".

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5Fine Product!
By StewT
Just received the Love the Drive wind deflector for my 2012 Mustang GT, and wanted to let everyone know, this is a great product. I went with the standard shipping, ordered on a Tuesday (I think) and got it the following Monday, so pretty fast. The product is EXACTLY as described on Amazon, and is complete with written installation instructions and photos (of the car you are installing it on!). A third grader could install this product, no problem; it literally took me less than 10 minutes to get it out of the box and have it installed. And, even though the instructions recommend getting a friend to help, you don't really need to. The product appears to be of very high quality construction (lightweight aluminum, very rigid), and is painted a glossy black so it looks sharp. Performance-wise, it really delivers. At 70MPH with the screen up and the windows down, the wind is probably reduced around 85%, and with the windows up, I'd say it is around 95%! These things r eally do work great! All in all, a great experience so far. I'd recommend this company and their products to anyone, and will certainly buy from them again should the need arise!

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3Very nice but worth the price?
By Satire
It does cut down on the wind buffeting by a significant amount. It's also well made. But for the life of me I can't figure out why it costs this much. Materials alone would have to cost well under $50.

I give it 5 stars on function, design and effectiveness. But it gets only 1 star for its inflated cost. Thus the overall 3 star rating.

I highly recommend it but only if you're willing to pay more than it's worth.

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